W, the movie (Bush Biopic?)

Laura Bush by Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is in talks to play First Lady Laura Bush in W., a biopic on the life and presidency of George W. Bush by director Oliver Stone. Banks is only thirty-four, so I am guessing Ollie is going to go WAY back into the lives of both George and Laura. And they cast Josh Brolin to play George about a month ago while the project was still being called Bush. IMDb info is here.

Josh brolin is george bush

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~ by lance1977 on March 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “W, the movie (Bush Biopic?)”

  1. that’s a joke, yes?


  2. We would like to let you know of Pink and Blue Film llc’ up coming movie about George W Bush, called ‘W The Movie’.

    ‘W The Movie” began filming in 2005 and wrapped early this year.
    We put the first trailer on youtube in 2007.

    It is a surreal satire on the failed George W. Bush presidency, 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, the administration’s devastating failure of Katrina and a presidency spiraling out of control.

    It begins with the elections of 2000 and ends with the upcoming elections of 2008.

    W is a cartoon caricature, a super villain of limited intelligence, backed up by endless financial resources,a crazed sports type fan with a sloppily painted flag on his face, and leader of the party of No. He is opposed by our red and blue painted super hero, BlueMahler, his sidekick;Little Michael Moore, the ezine; Issues and Alibis and the party of Yes.

    Johnny McPain, Barak Hussein Osama, Jezebel ( a bit of Hillary), Rev. Chaney, Lady Anne (aka Coulter),Saddam Hussein, Ben Llama, Jeb Head, and CondoLisa, are among the colorful cast of characters.

    Coming to film festivals soon.


    Alfred Eaker

    Pink and Blue Films, llc


  3. There are 2 movies called “W The Movie” and Stone’s is actually the 2nd one. The first, apparently, has been in the works since 2005 and I discovered the trailer for it on youtube.
    The ‘other W’ is a lot different and it looks very psychedelic.

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