More than 300?

You might be sick of seeing Gerald Butlers face, and hearing about 300. But the movie was bad ass. I have the 2 disc special edition. So, I don’t know how I feel about the possibility of a second movie coming out. I mean, how can they make 300 part 2? call it 301? 299? I mean, what made it awesome was that it was a complete story. But leave it to Hollywood to muck it up. And I am to blame. I will be there opening weekend, with a few million other dorks. Damn. Read the article here.

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~ by lance1977 on March 12, 2008.

9 Responses to “More than 300?”

  1. there where many battles the spartans took part of so they could use any of themfor the sequal

  2. The original was “mucked up by hollywood,” jackass.

  3. that was the sickest movie EVER! i don’t know how you can make a sequel to something so gr8. It would completely ruin the first one.

  4. Y was there no blood on the ground??
    I mean u c blood while killing… but then no blood on the ground..
    what kinda special effect is that??

  5. to nihgt i see pussy!!!! and tomorrow I’m think about pop

  6. What a sequal, NO WAY. The movie is called 300, not spartans, And the movie was all about that battle, none other, if they wanted to make a “sequal” it would have to be about another battle, also in this movie they portyed the spartans as these kick ass warriors with no equal, although this was pretty much true, the spartans were a fighting force who used like 15ft spers and faught in a phalanx formation, just like all the other greek infantry, also, at the end of the movie, 3000 greek soldiers were supposed to stay behind with the spartans, but they didn’t sadly, but oh well it was still a good movie, also, remember no sequal for this movie. stupid idea

  7. There were four battles in the Greco-Persian wars. Thermopylae (300) was just the 2nd. Why shouldn’t there be a sequel? Don’t you want to know what happens to the Persians?

  8. Persians stopped coming 😉

    Battle of Olympus would be kick ass. Bith of the Marathon/Olympic games. Spartans were late in that fight though 😉

    So not a sequel, but a similar movie… milk it. I’ll buy!
    and 300 is based upong a true story, but not made to be the true story.
    It’s the morals behind the original story, similar amounts of troops on sides etc used. It never said “This is what really happened”

    Probably less heroic n stuff in real (Though still an awesome tale)
    Think it would be cool to see a movie of Gengis Kahn though done by these guys. (Not sure if I spelled his name right, didn’t check for accuracy haha)

  9. it was not just based on the war it was also based on a graphic novel so it would be hard to make a sequel

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