Angry Cop

Originally, I had a link to another blog, but seems how he made it clear he did not want me to point people to his blog, I will just post the video. Everyone is talking about the video of the asshole cop from Baltimore screaming at some teenaged skateboarders. Here is the video. This cop is a complete asshole.

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~ by lance1977 on February 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “Angry Cop”

  1. what the cop did wasn’t right, but the kid could’ve ended it by just walking away.

  2. what are you a genius? yeah walking away from an angry asshole cop sounds like a super plan Einstein!

  3. Hey, I’m just saying. The whole argument was easily avoidable, and the kid didn’t to keep pushing it, especially if the cop was acting like THAT.

  4. You can’t walk away from a cop. That will get you tased or even shot. Idiot. Walking away was absolutely not an option in this situation. When a cop comes up to you, you are basically detained. If you try to leave, you can be charged.

    I didn’t mind the link. What I minded was the wholesale stealing of the blurb I wrote. Links are good. But at least 2 splogs a day copy a post or a comment of mine, and so I monitor who links to me.

  5. Well, I’m not talking about walking away when he was yelling and told him to stay. When the cop said that they couldn’t skateboard there, they could’ve just left. They could’ve said alright, and that’s it. The cop isn’t in a fit and the kids just go skate somewhere else.

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