Bing Bong Tables

Not sure who all is aware of Bing Bong Tables, but if you are not, click the link. They are portable beer pong tables. They are perfect for tailgating, dorm rooms, and can fit nearly anyway. They are the same table you saw on the front page of the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, in FHM and here on They are the original beer pong table manufacturer, and the leader in quality and durabiliy. Join the network. To top that all off, they have the hottest chicks. And, they are customizable. Sweet jesus!

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~ by lance1977 on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “Bing Bong Tables”

  1. I had no clue what the beer pong game was all about , until i played it myself. It was really fun and no wonder extra beer helps you a lot 🙂 . This is not so much popular game as compare to other conventional games like chess etc. But people are rapidly becoming addict of it . Nice blog my friend and i really want few more interesting blogs on beer pong .

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